For your listening pleasure I am including this link to the incomparable Ella

It is that time of year where kids leave school and homes become vastly more cluttered.  I get that rising panic inside of me where I feel obligated to be a better mom who spends quality time with my kids.  I haven’t been sure of what to do or how to handle it (this is coupled with the panic that I am also a working mother).  Seriously how do single mothers do this?  I am in constant awe.  But, again, I chose this myself.  Granted I need to work, but as well, I wanted to do it and so I will persevere over my fear that my children will look back and hate me in the future (but isn’t that their prerogative, their right as children to claim that their parents screwed them up).

Regardless of my passive-aggressive fears, summertime has come again and I am determined to make the most of the limited time I have with my kids.  Thus the Grab Bag was invented.  Certain days during the week we are going swimming or to the local rec center for kids yoga or racquetball.  The other days however, the days not taken up with play-dates and book club, we will pull out the mysterious Grab Bag (currently a Ziploc baggie until I find/make something better – but seriously folks, I am not crafty).   Inside are pieces of paper with art projects and the like written inside.  And at least twice a week we will draw from it to find inspiration for our, “Summer must be awesome or else” compendium.

In case you want it for yourself or are looking for something original to do, here is the list I have (with links when appropriate for me – because again remember I am not crafty).

  1. Jellyfish in a bottle
  2. Jumping robot
  3. Go to the Zoo
  4. Choose you favorite animal, go to the library, get books on it and then make a model of the animal
  5. Marble Mazes
  6. Suncatchers     (in the craft box)
  7. homemade Playdoh
  8. Time capsule for the summer
  9. Glow in the dark slime  
  10. Build a fort      (we have the supplies in our storage room)
  11. Puppet show    (SAG) – spoon actors guild – make puppets out of Spoons and put on a show
  12. Party for no reason at all!
  13. Kickball Croquet
  14. Sponge Bombs  
  15. Water pistol target range
  16. Ice Cream in a bag
  17. Special storytime
  18. Messy Art
  19. Make a comic book
  20. Container Garden
  21. Silly photo shoot
  22. Make a movie/music video
  23. Salt and watercolors
  24. Modern Art
  25. Have a dance party!
  26. Create an indoor obstacle course!
  27. Build a card house.
  28. Make homemade bird feeders.
  29. Make some fun bike obstacle courses
  30. Play Sponge Bullseye.
  31. Shaving Cream Day
  32. Splash Pad
  33. Play Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe
  34. Set up your own outdoor Glow-In-The-Dark Bowling.
  35. Building with Marshmallows and Toothpicks
  36. Homemade movie theatre
  37. Nicklemania
  38. Miniature Golfing
  39. Invite friends over for a sleepover
  40. Let’s go Bowling!
  41. Shadow Puppet Theatre
  42. Split Image Drawing
  43. Shrink art necklaces
  44. Dream Catchers
  45. Spinning Tops
  46. Fabric Scrap weaving bracelets

summer 2


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